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MonDiscovery Tours Co., Ltd is a pioneer in the industry, with steady operation over 20 years: organizing guaranteed departure group tours, tailoring private trips, partnering with international ecological and scientific research projects, and working as the delegated tour operator for the government and corporate business travelers.

We are well diversified with the type of tours and adept at tailor-made trips: Over 30 years of experience we share in our team makes it possible to extend the ways of possibilities and masters the country of Mongolia down to its last destination. We organize tours all around the country, whether it’s the complete wilderness of farther regions or the well known tourist attractions. Your stay in Mongolia can be as long as three months touring over the whole country or a dozen day vacation to the must see landmarks, or even for a day we will come up with value worth options. Our signature trips are made with careful consideration over the feedback of the last 20 years and we keep updating them in accordance with our customers need and new availabilities. We are experienced in organizing business conferences, covering the travel aspect of scientific research teams, handling the logistics of a documentary or a book project, and organizing large groups with chartered flights.

Our core value is reliability: In every aspect of our business, we deliver what we promise and we don’t promise what we are unable to fulfill. We keep all our promises and commitments regardless of the circumstances. We have been consistent in our belief and actions and we are preserving and elevating our reputation.


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Amgalan Enkhbazar

Amgalan Enkhbazar

General Director

“Traveling in the wilderness doesn’t mean to lose the accustomed comfort and go back to stone age. From our side, it’s more about being resourceful and understanding the needs of our clients. A private chef to accompany us while driving through uninhabited part of Gobi Desert or a camping shower after a long day, these are the things we like to focus. In the end, it sometimes is better to spend the night in a tent next to the beautiful landmark instead of rushing towards the local hotel.”

Temuulen Enkhbazar

Temuulen Enkhbazar

General Manager

“A tour is an exploration. So to prepare that tour, we have to explore more and look for all the options. I don’t believe the itinerary can simply be typed - even if it’s the most classic route. So I go for the trips myself. I like to explore the new places, new openings, new ways to make the trip more tasteful for our clients.”

Uurtsaikh Bayar

Uurtsaikh Bayar

Office Manager

“A key to a seamless customer experience is caring. You stop caring, then a meal on the table will be cold, a towel in a bathroom will be missing and a name on a ticket will be misspelled. As an operative manager, I care about every single detail and I make sure that our front team understands why we care so much. So our vendors, guides and drivers together is one big family that is ready to take care of you.”

Chiara Colombo

Chiara Colombo

Representative in Italy

“A travel product is intangible, so it is difficult to propose ready-made solutions. Therefore I prepare our programs upon client’s suggestion and not according to established rules. With 13-years experience in Mongolia and the help of our back office, I am ready to add personal touches to the product, so that the real travel experience matches or exceeds the expectations of our customers.”