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Small minority of reindeer herders live in deep part of taiga in Northern region. Darkhads/Tsaatan are Turkic origin but lived at the Northern border for long time for its rich lichen pasture for their reindeers. Tsaatans are highly dependent on reindeer pasture, roam in taiga with the changes of the season. During the summer it gets too hot for the reindeer, they climb up to the mountains following the wind breezes up to 7500 feet, when autumn comes and it gets colder, they go down to the valley looking for wind shielded pastures. Tsaatans are well known for the preservation of old beliefs, shamanism in particular and the tribal system. Travelers go in search of the power of shamans, rareness of the reindeers, and wildness of the taiga by plane, by car and finally by horses.