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The pearl of Northern Mongolia and the mother of all the rivers is Khuvsgul Lake or Dalai eej (mother ocean). The continuation of the Siberian forest and deep taiga covers the northern land of Mongolia and created the second voluminous freshwater lake in Asia after Baikal Lake. Both lakes are connected underground and share similar ecosystem.

Khuvsgul is one of seventeen ancient lakes in the world, being more than 2 million years old, its water is potable without any treatment. Fresh water symbol burbot, Eurasian perch, lenok and the endangered endemic Khuvsgul grayling (Thymallus nigrescens) are now protected by National Park regulations. Khuvsgul Lake also has the only ferry named after the revolutionary hero Sukhbaatar and locals line up for an hour ride into the lake to whisper their wishes to the so believed magic rock. The eastern banks of the lake is occupied by many ger camps while the west side is relatively empty because of the challenging tracks. Both banks reminds Alpine geography without the gers and yaks.