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Tuvkhun Monastery is located on top of one of the highest peaks in the region. The view from the top covers the country of three provinces, magically beautiful with the crisp blue sky and endless grassland. The way to the monastery can only be done by hike up or by horse ride, it is filled with fresh smell of pine forest and covered with hundreds of colorful flowers in June and July. However, the road up is muddy, full of flies without wind and free climbing is required for those who want to complete the ritual. As it was the workshop of the most famous artist and the religious leader of Mongolia, it is seen as a pilgrimage destination for Mongolians. Locals line up at the entrance of the cave of mother’s womb for a chance of rebirth and offer food at the spiritual Ovoo. The colorful temples among the trees disperse mystical aura. However as the mountain is the highest in the region, it often attracts bad weather and make it challenging to fully enjoy the wonderful scene.