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Adventure is Everywhere

The new establishment was built on the ruins of the capital city of the greatest empire and the name is changed with the modern dialect. Kharkhorin is the most popular destination in the central part of the country with the two museums that hold the keys to the past. Kharkhorin museum reveals the secret of Orkhon Valley, where every single states that ruled the country decided to build its capital city and exhibits a model of the ancient Karakorum and their architecture. The Erdenezuu Monastery was built as the first temple in 16th century and was expanded from the Karakorum’s remnants. With its surrounding stupas and the well preserved temples and art, it stands as one of the leading museum and temple in the country. A short stop by the local market and turtle stone provide deeper insights into the life of people and their belief and the climb to the Empire Statues provide an interesting mixture of the modern settlements, nomads living in their gers as well as large agricultural land.