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Adventure is Everywhere

Bogd Khan Winter Palace museum, a home to the last king, brings the visitors back to life of aristocrats of early 1900s. Their mornings started with an official visit to the king, in a small room lined up with well cushioned carpet seats to talk the state affairs. Queen, the mother of the country, relaxed in the next room which now is filled with the possessions of the king and queen. An old cannon signaled for the noon, the king moved to his thrones to see the visitors. Meantime, the artists who were well supported by the royals artistic interests indulged themselves in paintings, sculptures and making of the greatest piece of silk embroideries. The king liked to show off his elephant, a gift from Russian king, his deer garden and his collection of stuffed animals from all around the world to his visitors. His trip outside the palace was held in a cart brought from England or in a Ford jeep given by the American explorers.