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Gandan is the biggest operating temple of Buddhism in Mongolia and runs the administration of the religion with the Mongolian religious committee. The Gandan temple and Vajrapani temple start its daily chanting around 9 o’clock, prayers come to line up by the cashier for service and soon the smell of juniper and the sound of drums fill up the silence. The praying temples are both home to the religious art pieces that dated early 1900s and are considered the best of Buddhist mahayana art despite the communist purge of 1930s. Three stored temple in the centre holds 40 feet standing Buddha embossed by copper and gilded with thousands of precious stones. Gandan Monastery is a place to find beautiful pieces of old art, dedicated prayers, exemplary recreation of the old temples and stupas, the Buddha representing the freedom of people, a monk sneaking a phone call, a pickpocket waiting for his next victim all at once.