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Valley of Yol is better known for Eagle Valley. Pushed out by the Indian tectonic plates, Gurvan Saikhan (Three Beauties) Mountain range is relatively young for mountain ages with a growing peak of 9100 feet. The East Beauty in particular is famous for its stunning valleys and the cold springs that turns into glacier later in the autumn. The whole valley is covered by ice until May and ice only started to disappear by the middle of July recently. Several valleys in the mountain keeps the glaciers year around. Yol Valley is a country of large birds like lammergeiers, griffins and steppe eagles. Locals share the sorrowing story of life and love, and boast their pride for the beauty of the country. Dreamy mazes of the morning, sneaking wild ibexes, strolling yaks, scouring pikas and the smell of juniper and mint leaves an unforgettable hiking experience.