Hustai Nuruu National Park
This beautiful National Park is situated 120km from Ulaanbaatar on the way to Karakorum. The park is part of a project to reintroduce the Przjewalski wild horses back into Mongolia’s Nature, after they become extinct in the 1960’s. Different Zoos which take part in an international breeding program send horses to Mongolia, where they become accustomed once again to live in the wild. A small museum gives you information about the horses and the project. Although it is very difficult to observe the wild horses roaming the steppes of the park, you will see the groups, which are kept in huge corrals, before they are released back into the steppes. Currently there are more than 250 takhi, as the horses are called in Mongolian, in the park. Other wildlife in the park includes deer, gazelle, marmot, lynx and wolf.