Tumen Ekh National Song and Dance Ensemble
The Tumen Ekh Ensemble is one of the best national song and dance ensembles in Mongolia. Location is in the Children’s Park near Seoul restaurant.
Folk Music: Mongolian musical instruments were spread in other Asian countries such as China, and in return Arabian, Indian and European musical culture was brought into Mongolia which enriched the fund of Mongolian musical instruments.
Folk Dance: Dance is one of the earliest types of art and Mongolian folk dance is closely related with its nomad’s civilization.
Morin Khuur ( Horse Head Fiddle): It is one of the ancient traditional musical instruments of Mongolians and it could be found only in Mongolia.
The Shaman Dance: From ancient time of Genghis Khan, Mongolians have believed in Shamanistic traditions
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The Mongolian National Song and Dance Academic Ensemble
The Mongolian National Song and Dance Academic Ensembles history is shared with the old socialist Estrada to become today’s National Song and Dance Academic Ensemble.

Because the ensemble’s history is deeply intertwined with the ancient vocal and instrumental traditions, festive dances and unique singing techniques it’s performances cannot be replicated by any other group of artists in the world.
The ensemble has a firm command of the classical performance arts of the world, as well as what is perhaps the greatest living artists in the field of traditional Mongolian song and dance. It has also been at the forefront of new stage arts in Mongolia, and has produced many history making concerts.
The Mongolian National Song and Dance Academic Ensemble currently employs nearly twenty professional singers, over 60 musicians in the National Grand Ensemble, over 50 dancers in the S. Sevjid troupe as well as capable contortionists, conductors and others in the fields of management and marketing.
For this reason the Ensemble is the host of several artistic unions. They include: “The Mongolian Long Song Union” “The Mongolian Throat Singing Union” “The Mongolian Folk Short Song Union” and “The Folk Dance Society” amongst others.
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