Hazara North Indian Restaurant

HAZARA North Indian Restaurant is running since year 1997 and we are number one Restaurant in Ulaanbaatar. Our Restaurant has very good reputation.  We got a lot of awards from the begging from deferent agencies.Apart from it HAZARA restaurant is prominent for its V.I.P. segment of clientele following names are mention worthy to reflect this fact.


H.H. Dalai Lama (Religious leader)

Steven Seagal (Hollywood star)

Julia Roberts (Hollywood star)

N.Enkhbayar (Former President of Mongolia)

l. Krishnakant (Former Vice-President of India)

Monica Biluchi (Hollywood actress)

Our name “HAZARA”is derived from the people of Hazara tribe, settled in northern mountains of Afghanistan.  Hazaras are related to Mongolia as they came part of Chinggis Khan’s army in 13th century. They are proud, Independent and good humored people.

Our food: North Indian Frontier Cuisine is based on healthy traditional methods of cooking. Their is gentle use of spices and more emphasis on flavors of herbs. Tandoor (clay oven) is used to grill the meat to give its chary taste. There is abundant use of dry fruits and cream to give very creamy and smooth taste. Our chefs are highly trained in the fine art of Frontier cooking.

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Our Architecture: We have created the ambience of havelis of Rajasthan and Gujarat, North Western State of India. Their rich and vibrant culture makes extensive use of hard teak wood. Extensively carved doors of Harelis and palaces and rich colors of tents create warmth in the severe winter of Mongolia.

We are located: Behind Wrestling, Bayanzurkh District, 13, Micro district contract number

Mobile: 99195007,Rest.11-480214

Email: ebrahimkhan.khan@gmail.com