Western Region

Gobi-Altay province average altitude is over 2000m above sea level and it is considered the highest province in Mongolia.  The province is a land where the parched steppe grasslands of the Gobi meet the rocky landscape of the Altay Range.  There is a certain beauty in this combination, for example: Great Gobi Reserve – area is the fourth largest biosphere reserve in the world and protects wild ass, Gobi bears, the wild Bactrian camel, among other endangered animals.

Eej Hairhan Natural Monument from the peak of the Eej Hairhan (2,275m) water flows through nine natural steps, each a pothole eroded in granite, 2-3m, rounded and 2-4m deep.  Sutai Mountain – beautiful Mountain with eternal snow and glaciers.  Huisiin Gobi – the most famous of the 33 Mongolian Gobi and it is 150km long and 50km wide.