Southern Region

The Gobi desert, one of the world’s great deserts, covers much of the southern part of Mongolia and covers territory of 6 provinces of country.  It is the fifth-largest desert in the world and Asia’s largest.  Unlike the Sahara there are few sand dunes in the Gobi; rather you’ll find large barren expenses of gravel plains and rocky outcrops.  The climate here is extreme. Temperatures reach +40°C in summer and -40°C in winter.  Precipitation averages less than 100mm per year, while some areas only get rain once every two or three years.  Strong winds up to 140km/h make travel dangerous in spring and fall.  Great Gobi National Park is one of the largest World Biospheres, with an area larger than Switzerland.  It contains the last remaining wild Bactrian (two-humped) camels, wild ass, and a small population of Gobi bears, the only desert-inhabiting bear.

The desert is home to the first fossilized dinosaur egg ever found, as well as many other important fossil discoveries.