Eastern Region

Hentiy province is famous for beautiful nature and great historical sightseeing in all over Mongolia. The territory of province is covered with tall, densely forested mountains to the north and smaller foothills to the south. The highest peak is the mountain Hentiikhan at an altitude of 2362m. Also there are over 70 rivers and numerous lakes rich of fishes.  In this region, cultural, natural and historical main attractions are considered as following: Deluun Boldog – birthplace of Chinggis Khan who was Great Emperor of Great Mongol Empire. Baldan Baraivan Monastery – one of three main cultural hubs of Mongolia prior to the Communist regime and was among the largest monasteries in the world and was home to over 3000 monks (built in 1784).

Herlen River – one of 3 famous rivers, the Herlen flows from the Hentii Mountains running for 1,264km and flows into the Dalai River in China.