About Mongolia


Come and visit Mongolia, one of the least known but most inviting destinations in the World, the land of eternal blue skies and majestic green mountains. You will be welcomed by free spirited and open hearted people who live in harmony with nature, moving their herds over the endless grassland, stretching to the horizon. In Mongolia, one of the last resorts of virgin land, the beauty of dazzling pristine wilderness will captivate you. You will leave behind all the stresses and strains of everyday life.

Your senses will be stirred by the kiss of a steppe wind, while riding a horse and racing across the vast plains to where land meets the sky. Unwind in a Mongolian ger and enjoy the taste of fresh mare’s milk. You will visit places where the ancient hearts still beat in the nomadic traditions. Art, culture and history will unfold before your eyes, taking you to the glorious past of the descendants of Chinggis Khan. And through it all, your travel will be handled with utmost care by the hospitable and experienced staff of MonDiscovery Tours Co.Ltd., who will create a sense of well-being and making your Mongolian holiday and event to remember.


Location:   Mongolia stretches for 2392km from the west to the east and 1259km from the north to the south, bordering Russia to the north and China to the south.  Mongolia’s landscape is dominated mostly by steppe from the central region to the east, desert from the south to the west and forest in the northern regions.  In the west there is the Mongol Altai mountain range which stands more than 3000-4000 meters high.  Mongolia does not have a coastline.  However, it is a wonderful country with highlands, rivers and steppes.

Climate:  With an annual average of over 260 days of sunshine, Mongolia is justifiably called the “Land of eternal blue sky”.  The climate in general is extremely continental dry with long, harsh winters and hot summers.  The weather becomes cold at the beginning of October and stays cold until April the following year.  Most rain falls in July and August but showers tend to be short and weather changes suddenly.  Nights are fresh even in summer.  The best time to travel is from middle of May to September.

Electricity: Mongolia uses 220V and 50Hz, European-style 2 pole-sockets. In case of using electrical appliances which use 100V, you need to use an adaptor.

Getting to Mongolia: By air – There are direct flights to Ulaanbaatar from Beijing, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Bishkek, Moscow, Berlin, Seoul, Osaka, Ulan-Ude and Irkutsk.

By train– Direct trains from Moscow (4 nights/5 days) and Beijing (1 night/2 days).

Guides and Translators: As hardly any foreign languages are spoken outside the capital, a guide or translator is essential.  MDT provides experienced guides speaking English, German, French, Italian, Japanese and Chinese.

Health: Mongolia is generally a healthy country to travel in.  Hospitals are available in Ulaanbaatar and province centers.  If you require particular medication, take an adequate supply with you.  No specific vaccinations are legally required to enter Mongolia.  All our cars equipped with first-aid kit in case of emergency.

Language: The official language is Mongolian using the Cyrillic (Russian) alphabet. Foreign languages spoken mainly in the cities include English, Russian, German, Japanese and French.

Currency and Exchange: The official currency of Mongolia is the Tugrug, 1US$ = 1395 Tugrik (Feb. 15, 2013).  11 different bank notes are used in Mongolia including 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 5000, 10000, 20000 Tugrug notes.  Coins are not used in Mongolia.  Cash US$ and Traveler Cheques can be cashed at banks in Ulaanbaatar.  Cheques can be cashed at banks in Ulaanbaatar.  ATM is available in many places even in province centers.  Hotels, restaurants and supermarkets accept credit cards.

People and population: The population of Mongolia is approximately 2.850.000 by end of 2012.  The majority (86%) are Khalkh Mongols.  Other ethnic groups include Kazaks (6%) in western Mongolia, the Tsaatan or reindeer people (only about 200) in the north of Mongolia and more than twenty other tribes of Mongolian or Turkic descent.

Public Holidays and Festivals: New Year’s day – 1 January; Lunar New Year – according to Lunar calendar in Jan/Feb; Buddha’s birthday in May/June – according to Lunar calendar; Mother and Children’s day – 1 June; Naadam Festival (National day) – 11-13 July; Chinggis Khan’s Birthday – Nov. 14; Independence Day – Nov. 26.

Religion: Buddhist Lamaism (40%), Muslim (10%), Christians (7%), non-religious (30%).  Still there is a strong influence of Shamanism, especially in Northern Mongolia.

Roads: Except in and around the cities there are no paved roads.  Therefore travelling is slow and an off-road car is essential when visiting the countryside.

Security: Mongolia is generally a safe country to travel.  Safe deposit boxes are available at the MDT office.  In any case of need, our staff is always ready to be of your emergency assistance around the clock.

Shopping: Popular souvenirs are traditional dresses”Del”, felt-hats, cashmere products, dolls, snuff-bottles and Mongol calligraphy as well as a great choice of landscape- and traditional paintings.  Exporting old and antique items requires a special export-license from the Department of Culture.

Visa: A valid passport and visa are required for entering Mongolia.  Apply for your visa at the nearest Mongolian Embassy or Consulate.  If entering Mongolia at Chinggis Khan International Airport, Visas can be issues on arrival.  Please note that visa conditions change often.  For up to date information, please contact us when planning your trip.