Northern Region

One of the clearest lakes in the world, Lake Hovsgol has the nickname “Dark Blue Pearl of Mongolia”.  Mongolia’s largest fresh water lake is 125km long and plunges to over 250m.  Due to its size the water is very cold, and remains ice-covered until well into June.

The lake is currently protected as a National Park. Exploring Lake Hovsgol means being exposed to great beauty, especially in the summer when its beauty is highlighted by mountains covered with wildflowers.

Outdoor activities are the way to go when it comes to experiencing the natural surroundings of the region.

The Hovsgol Mountains offer great trekking trails and ridge walks. You can also go enjoy a horseback excursion with a nomad guide to get some inside information about the land’s history and culture. The rivers all around Hovsgol allow for kayaking adventures that brings you through nomad camps and very remote spots.

The region is inhabited by a couple of fascinating nomadic tribes. These tribes are made up of remarkable people who try to preserve their way of life and culture in the modern world.