2013 Event calendar

Date Event Note Activities





New Year’s Day



1st Sunrise Tour

95km south-east from UB, Hangai railroad junction the Mongolian Railway Tour Bureau organizing a trip to Hangai to watch the sun rise over the steppe on the first day of the New Year.  It is organized on 1st of January annually. The train will leave UB station at 6.00am on Jan. 1st and arrive at the Hangai Station about 2 hours later.  The sun will rise at 8.40am. The train will arrive back in UB at 11.20am.



Tsagaan Sar


New Year holiday by Lunar Calendar

Explore the surrounding of the camp, visiting library, Statue of a Shaman, Skiing & Sledging.  Experience Mongolian Traditional Toys with Anklebones.  Visit a nomad family to experience the New Year’s Eve customs.



Winter Games

“Ice ankle bone shooting” Traditional game Festival is organized on the Tuul river in UB.  The competition will consist of single shooting competition, team competition. The team will be consists of one professional shooter and one foreigner.





Ice festival, International Skating Marathon



Annually, held for 2-3 days

This event is one of the most attractive and biggest winter events in Mongolia which offers unique chance to sense and explore one of the fascinating and mysterious corners of the earth in the winter.  You can enjoy and experience the race of skating marathon on the natural black ice of most magnificent Lake Hovsgol, as sacrificed as Mother Lake of Mongols.



Eagle Hunting Festival



This festival is organized very close to UB and it has been organized every year since 1999.  You can enjoy the Kazakh games, traditions and culture.  Organizers also hosted a fair for hand crafts, and explained for all, the tradition of Kazakh.



Camel Festival


Bulgan Soum of South Gobi Province

This extraordinary festival allows travelers a rare opportunity to interact with and learn first-hand about these amazing animals and the camel herders’ nomadic lifestyle. Highlights of the festival include camel races, performances by traditional Mongolian musicians and dancers, and visits to significant paleontological and cultural sites of the Gobi.



Woman’s and Children’s day


Woman’s and Children’s day

Children fun oriented activities



International Mongolia Marathon

This event will open Mongolia to all those international runners who seek new running experiences.  This marathon will be not only involve running, but also include one of the most colorful and festive events of the running world.  Special prizes and surprises, with authentic Mongolian style, await the winners.
9 20-29-Jun-13 Gobi Challenge Marathon It is welcomed athletes from Mongolia, Holland, Ireland, China, Wales, USA, England, Germany, Italy, Scotland, Ireland and Spain.  The marathon starts from Yolyn Am to Duut Manhan – the Singing dunes for 140 miles (220km) in total.
10 6-7-Jun-13 Tsaatan Festival Dalia Tour Tourist Camp, Hatgal village, Hovsgol Province It provides great opportunity to see Tsaatan people’s ancestral culture, special lifestyle, play reindeer polo and ethnic group people who are last rare people in the world now.  Tourists are happy to join yak caravan, reindeer and horse riding, have a journey on boat or canoe. You can see Tsaatan people’s traditional music and folk concert.  Feeling how these people’s life soul is Shamanism.
11 9-Jul-13 Aimag’s Naadam Naadam celebration of provinces Wrestling, horse racing, archery
12 11-Jul-13 Naadam In Central stadium Opening ceremony – wrestling and archery, shagai shooting
13 12-Jul-13 Naadam – Horse racing Horse racing Held out of Ulaanbaatar, 40 km
14 13-Jul-13 Deeltei Mongol – Costume Festival Sukhbaatar Square, UB Since 2006, this festival is held every year on the Sukhbaatar Square in UB.  The festival comprised the folk art concert, a parade-show by people in the deel, a circus performance, ankle-bone shooting contest and fair of Mongolian national clothes, Mongolian ger, handicrafts and carvings.
15 4-Aug-13 National Folk Festival of Western Mongolia Uvs province, OT tourist camp Since 2005, the festival has been organized annually and has become one of the favorite festivals among local children.  The festival is aim to inherit the culture and art of Western Mongolia as well as introducing and promoting it for domestic and foreign tourists.  It includes performances of melodies performed on traditional instrument horse head fiddle, throat songs, biyelgee.
16 5-Aug-13 Orhon Valley Jorney of 99 little warriors
17 30-Aug-13 Orhon Valley Horse Festival
18 30-Aug-13 Mongolia Bike Challenge Central-Arhangai-Bayanhongor-Ovorhangai provinces Mongolia Bike Challenge is another tough race as top professional and amateur racers from around the world will battle with it out through the rugged, beautiful and majestic landscape of Mongolia.
19 17-Sep-13 Nomads’ Day of Mongolia Steppe Nomads Tourist camp Gun Galuut, Bayandelger Soum, Central aimag This festival is the most blessed day of the Mongolian nomads, in Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve of Mongolia.  This real tourism event is one of the most exciting cultural festivals of Mongolia and is the only event revives the traditional Mongolian nomadic culture and contributes a great for the this unique culture heritages.
20 22-Sep-13 Gobi Marathon From Moltsog Els to Bayanzag, Bulgan Soum, South Gobi province Since 2001 the International Gobi Marathon run of 42.195km through dramatic cliffs and valleys, rolling sand dunes, famous Saxaul forest and dinosaur excavation area with local nomads.
21 5-6-Oct-13 Golden Eagle Festival Bayan-Ulgii Province,
first week of October
The Kazakhs of Mongolia train their eagles to hunt for rabbits and foxes.  One a year, hunters from all over Bayan-Ulgii province gather to celebrate this traditional skill and compete against each other challenges that show off the abilities of both birds and their trainers.
22 5-10-Oct-13 UB Art Fair The fair aims to foster cultural tourism, support artists and the arts, and introduce young people to art.  All types of art by professionals and students are on display, including sculpture, calligraphy, handcrafts, leather works and other types.