Hentii – Motherland of Chinggis Khan

Focus: Landscapes & History

Duration: 4 days

Season: May – Sept

This trip takes you to the cradle of Chinggis Khan. Mongolia’s first capital, Avarga, is said to have been located here. Flat grassland and the forested Khan Hentii Mountains dominate the landscape.

You leave the capital in northeastern direction and follow the beautiful valley of the Herlen River into the plains of Hentii. Close to Delgerkhan you visit the monument of Chinggis Khan, which has been erected in 1990 to commemorate the 750th anniversary of the epic “The secret History of the Mongols” which according to a legend was completed here. The symbols on the side of the statue are the brands used by about 300 different clans for marking their livestock. Nearby you taste the fresh water of a mineral spring, which is said to have been the favorite drink of the Mongol court. According to legends, the city of Avarga, Mongolia’s first capital, including nine temples and a palace exists beneath the surface in this area.


The next day takes you into the Hentii Mountains. The highest peak is the Delgerkhan Mountain, 2042m above sea level. This area is the wintering place for many herders and you will see the stone shelters built for the cattle. As a contrast to the plains, the mountains are covered with forests and meadows full of flowers. A few people live here in summer, but as you think you are alone, herdsmen on horseback will appear, looking like lost soldiers of Chinggis Khan’s armies.

A 6 hours drive brings you back to the capital the next day.