South and Middle Gobi

Focus: Landscape & Culture

Duration: 5 days

Season: April – October

Gobi means simply desert in the Mongol language, but Mongolians actually differentiate between 33 types of desert, making this one of the most diverse arid landscapes on earth. The Gobi is very sparsely populated, but home to an astonishing wildlife such as wild ass, camel, gazelle and the rare Gobi bear. From South Gobi you drive back to Ulaanbaatar via Middle Gobi, where you visit the monastery of Erdenedalai.

A short flight brings you from the Ulaanbaatar to the capital of South Gobi Province, Dalanzadgad. You visit Yolyn Am, the Eagle valley, which is famous for its dramatic and unusual scenery. The small river in the gorge remains frozen even in summer. You visit the small nature museum, which introduces you to the rich wildlife living in this region.

The next morning you visit the Flaming Cliffs. In the 1920’s an American Expedition discovered spectacular dinosaur-skeletons in this area. 70 Million years ago, the Gobi must have been a land of swamps, marshes, rivers and lakes, inhabited by a large number of dinosaurs. This area is also known for the Saxaul trees, a rare desert plant. The tree produces wood so dense, that it sinks in water. This part of the Gobi is also home to a quarter of Mongolia’s camels. While visiting a camel-breeding family, you will get an impression of the harsh life in the desert.

The next morning you drive to Hongoryn Els, or singing dunes. These are some of the largest and most spectacular sand dunes in Mongolia. They are up to 800m high, 12 km wide and 100 km long. You can climb to the top of the dunes, from where you have wonderful views of the desert.

You will drive across the desolate Ongiin Plateau, towards north to the village of Erdenedalai, where you visit an old monastery, which has not been destroyed during the Cultural Revolution. One more full day’s drive through grassland and past the Mountains of Baga Gazrin Chuluu, brings you back to Ulaanbaatar.






Morning transfer to Airport, flight to South Gobi (1.2h), visit Eagle Valley




Visit Flaming Cliffs, Saxaul Forest, camel-breeding family – 80km




Visit sand dunes of Khongoryn Els – 220km




Drive to Middle Gobi, visit Baga Gazryn Chuluu – 280km




Drive to Ulaanbaatar – 280km


O/N – Overnight; H – Hotel; G – ger; T – Tent;         Meals: B – Breakfast; L – Lunch; D – Dinner