You leave the capital in western direction through pastures with herds of horses, sheeps and yak. The emerald green of the grassland is dotted with white gers, the traditional dwelling of the nomads.


The Park consists of steppe and forest steppe. The last wild horse has been shot in the 1960’s. The animals are sandy colored with a dark dorsal stripe and are genetically different to the domesticated horses. A special breeding program organized by zoos with Takhi populations have brought the number of horses to about 1500 animals. Today more than 100 Takhi live in the Nationalpark. When the horses arrive in Mongolia they are kept in enclosures for a year to help them adapt to the new conditions and get ready to be released into the wild. Other animals living in the park include deers, gazelle, wolves and lynx. The best chance to see the Takhi are at dusk and at dawn, when the horses come to drink at TuulGol River. There are several hiking routes in the park as well as horseriding can be arranged.

You spend the night in a comfortable Ger, specially equipped for the needs of tourists. Through the opening in the middle of the roof, called toon, you will see the stars blinking in the clear sky. The next day you will return to Ulaanbaatar. On the way you visit the Ger of a nomadic family. There are some rules to follow when entering a Ger such as not to lean against the support columns in the center, not to stand on the threshold and so on. Your guide will introduce you to proper Ger etiquette.